My Writing

I have been writing online since 2009. In the beginning I was making close to $1500 a month. In the last few years the reputable sites have slimmed down quite a bit and I had so much going on that I postponed my writing career due to working 45+ hours a week. I have been trying to get it going again recently. I would love to make writing a full time career in the future.

In my writing career I have publishes hundreds of articles and 2 Ebooks so far. Most of my articles are based on finances or self help. I have sold most writes to my articles, but I still have a few things published in my name on Hubpages if you would like to see some of my work. One of my writing downfalls is that I write more personal articles and posts. Hopefully this will help while writing on my own page.

My Ebooks:

420 to 700 Credit Score; A Personal Credit Score Journey

Single Moms Guide to Financially Preparing for Maternity Leave


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