Making Money With PTC(Paid to Click) Sites.


Paid to Click sites is not the most profitable way of making money from home, but it has helped me financially for a number of years. I use it as a part of my multiple online income streams. I currently have no referrals except for on one site, but I make a few dollars a month putting in about 10 minutes a day on my phone.

The problem with PTC sites is that there is a lot of fraud sites. These are sites that I have researched and most I have been paid from. I will also be researching more sites to share. No Minimum Payout

I have been a member on Donkeymails for about five years. It was my first PTC site and it is a site that has paid me numerous times.

MyFreeShares is another site that I have had great experiences with. My favorite part about the site is the shares. You can actually earn money without doing much work as long as you have shares that can be converted. I have used the site for advertising a PTP page, which has given me more shares.

I am waiting for my first $10 check from Clixsense so I can verify that they pay out, but I have never heard anything bad about the site. It also does not take long to reach the $10 because they have quite a bit of ads. There is also many other ways to earn on the site.

Sites I am trying but good experiences so far. I do quite a bit of research before I sign up for any site so they are all worth looking into for anyone wanting to make money with PTC sites:

Promotional Sites

The Most Popular Traffic Exchange


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